Living Room Furniture – A Summer Season Calls For Modern Furniture

A living room is where we deliver good news, have you realized that? From guests walking in with a box of sweet to friends barging in to surprise you on your birthday, a living rooms furniture holds a good amount of memories.

Living rooms, back in the day were pretty basic. A sofa set, a coffee table, and that is it. Today, our living rooms have become the most important room in our houses.

Living room






Our houses are bigger, better, efficiently furnished with some top notch living room furniture. Gone are the days, when living room furniture was confined to sofa sets. With the industrial revolution, we’ve seen everything change, from a piece of paper to our houses, and now living rooms furniture.

Having our living room look classy and chic is very important, isn’t it? It is the first thing that guests look at when they enter our house, so of course, our living room plays a very pivotal role. Doesn’t it?

Our parents love having our houses well decorated. How many times has your mother scoffed at you using her passive aggressive tone? Are you tired of hearing that? It is time for you to give your living room a makeover. Furnish your house with modern living rooms furniture. What better time than summer for it? Summer vacation calls for the perfect makeover of your living room.

Living room furniture is available everywhere in our country. Modern furniture in Hyderabad is easily found. There are some amazing online websites and offline stores that have some amazing living rooms furniture pieces.

Living Room Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes today.

Sofa – Living Room Furniture

Sofa is an essential part of every living room. Earlier, we had basic sofas, made out of wood and a pretty decent colour. Sofas now, are made out of various materials, and are colour coordinated with your house.


Sectionals resemble sofas, meant for multipurpose. Sectionals have extra seats, for people to sit. Next time you have guests at your house, you won’t have to search for places to sit.

Accent chairs

Accent chairs are a piece of furniture that is usually used only for making your room look better. An accent chair does a tremendous job of complimenting your room.

Coffee tables

The classic coffee tables, something’s are constant. Though, they’re not the same now. They’ve grown into some really sophisticated furniture pieces.


Recliners are sofas that let you relax, they support the back. Recliners are a piece of living rooms furniture that makes the room look classy.

TV stands

Every living room has a TV, and unlike the older times, where we had a box shaped stand for our TV’s, the TV stands today have changed. They are sleek and look elegant. A very unique piece of living rooms furniture.

Book cases

Are you a keen reader? Then book cases will make you really content. Book cases are fixed to the wall, and sometimes are sleek and are put on the wall.



Stunning Walk In Wardrobes Designs Can Transform Your Entire Home


They say change is good. Everything needs a change once in every while. Be it us, our habits, our houses, or even the interiors of our house. A house is a home, when it is dearly loved by all and when everyone participates in the interior designing of the house.  Are you tired of looking at your folded clothes every day, or tired of folding your clothes every day? Change the look of your house with the help of walk in wardrobes designs.


Elevate offers some of the best walk in wardrobesdesigns that let you experiment with the interior of your house.

Help you be organized – Wardrobes Designs

Are you obsessed with cleanliness? Pretty sure, you cringe every time you see a pile of clothes casually hanging out on your bed, or just forming a mountain on the chair. One of the best wardrobes designs are the walk in wardrobes. They not only make your house look chic and classy, they also save your room from being a dirty mess. Yes, for all the cleanliness obsessed people, get your hands on one the many stylish and convenient walk in wardrobes designs at Elevate.

Adds value

Did you know a perfectly polished and furnished house with walk in wardrobes could make you a billionaire? Yes, a walk in wardrobe is a unique asset that serves the purpose of being convenient and a piece of art at the same time. Guess what that does to your house? It makes it even more beautiful and desirable. Who wouldn’t want a house that comes well polished and furnished?


Adds to the interior of your house

Good furniture is never enough. Everybody knows the importance of furniture. Furniture is such an asset, there’s always room for more, especially for walk in wardrobes. Why, you ask? There’s only one answer for that. It adds to the interior of your house and makes your house look trendy and beautiful.

Saves space

There were days when our houses had big and heavy cupboards. We tried to fit in all our clothes in those cupboards, trying to save space and make our house look clean. What we ended up doing with that is, we made our homes look even more stuffed. With the help wardrobes designs available at Elevate, you can pick out your choice of walk in wardrobes and make a lot of space for elegance conveniently.

More secure

Sometimes, you put your things somewhere and never find it again. Isn’t that the most annoying thing ever? One more added benefit to having a walk in wardrobe is that you will always find your belongings in your wardrobe. Walk in wardrobes come with cabinets that allow you to assign cabinets for every single thing. Makes your house clean and secure.

These were some reasons how a walk in wardrobe can change your house with its beauty. You can easily avail stunning walk in wardrobes and other wardrobes designs at the Elevate X showroom. Go stun the world with your magnificent house!

Modern and Creative Interior Designers in Hyderabad – The Elevate

Who doesn’t love a comprehensively decorated, classy and elegant house? A house is a home when you put all your heart in decorating it, but who has the time for it? We are all busy with our lives, trying to balance work and personal life. It is difficult for one to concentrate on their house when you’ve got a lot on your head. That doesn’t mean that we don’t want our house to look well interior designers, and it shouldn’t stop you from wanting one.

Interior Designers

Don’t lose hopes on changing the look of your house; you can always seek help from interior designers. Yes, the term interior designing is here to make you feel better. You can find many interior designers in Hyderabad, Elevate being the best one of them. The designers at Elevate are professionals; you can undoubtedly trust their choice and ability to transform your house into a beautiful and classy palace with their knowledge in fashion and interior designing.

Here are some reasons for you to give the interior designers at Elevate a thought:-

Nothing better than EXPERT ADVICE – Interior Designers

There are plenty of interior designers in Hyderabad, but the  designers at Elevate are extraordinary. They deliver the best, because of their extraordinary skills. With a lot of passion, the interior designers at Elevate promise to guide you in the most exceptionally designed way, by changing your house to the best.

They keep up with the TRENDS

There’s a new trend going viral every once in a while, especially in the fashion world. It can get difficult for us to keep up with it. Interior designers have all the knowledge about the latest trends and they do justice to the interiors of your house according to the best trendsetting styles and designs.

Add VALUE to your house

Interior designing is an art. It takes a lot of talent and dedication to transform a house into a beautiful home. Interior designers at Elevate use the best designs from multinational brands that we have at Elevate. This adds to the value of your house in the future.


Save some space for people to lose their hearts over your jaw dropping house. Our interior designers know what goes where exactly, suiting the style and space of your house. This helps your house get the most appealing look along with the benefit of looking spacious and functional.

Save your precious TIME and MONEY

Yes, Interior designing in more of an investment. You spend money on the whole project, and save money altogether. Also, it takes about a month or two to just fit the interiors in your space.

Hope this article gave you a push to go chase your dreams of a palace house with the help of the interior designers at Elevate. You can always visit Elevate’s website to contact and know more!

Natuzzi Italia – Italian Legacy Of Contemporary Furniture In Hyderabad

Remember that dream you had about lying down on a soft yet edgy Italian designer sofa, while you watch a romantic comedy on your TV? Yes, that dream can be turned into reality now with the arrival of an exclusive furniture collection by the celebrated Italian furniture label, Natuzzi Italia.

Natuzzi Italia


In fact, every dream you had about having a classy, head turning, jaw dropping house with magnificent contemporary furniture is a few kilometers away from turning into an awesome reality. How, you ask? Elevate X, that’s how. Elevate X is India’s largest boutique luxury furniture store has everything that can turn your house into a benchmark of contemporary triumph. Rome wasn’t built in a day, they say. True, but do you know what can be built in a span of a few days? – An Italian masterpiece of a house.

Elevate X brings you the essence of Italy with Natuzzi Italia, the legacy of contemporary luxury furniture that spans over almost a century. You will find yourself falling in love with the idea of decorating your home with their stylish designs. If you’re still reading this, you’re definitely into the idea of a classy and contemporary house, might as well read a few reasons as to why you must invest in Natuzzi Italia.

Natuzzi Italia is the perfect go to furniture styling option for you because –

They’re the TREND POLICE

We all have friends or colleagues, who have to correct our unconsciously made typo errors and our impromptu fashion experiments. Natuzzi Italia is that new friend of ours, who has just shifted to Hyderabad. They start the adventure of designing and implementing a good Italian furniture piece, only based on the latest trends, styles, materials, technology and everything else elite. So, yes, if someone visits your house they will always be definitely be startled because of excellent taste in luxury furniture.

They use the BEST and the most EDGY technology

When you see a product of Natuzzi Italia, you’ll always have a question in your mind. “How?” At Natuzzi, skilled artisans and the latest technology work together with efficiency to produce magnificent products. They have Italian factories, where they produce the finest of products that have you weak at your knees.

They have their own team of EXPERTS for every step

Passion and hard work are the foundations are the of their organisation. A team of passionate and highly skilled engineers, interior designers, stylists, colourists and artisans work really hard and together, produce the best of the contemporary pieces ever.


Isn’t that why you’re reading this? Stop looking, get in your car and drive to Elevate X and find the furniture made for your house. They have evolved over the decades to perfect a skillful luxury furniture collection that focus on effortlessly incorporating minimalistic elegance and abundant comfort. From stunning sofas to breathtaking beds, you will find everything that you saw in your dream there.


Originality is really important while expressing art in any form and Natuzzi Italia is the epitome of authenticity. With a team of skilled and talented experts, they create the best and the most original simplistic Italian furniture masterpieces. With their finesse and designs, they win hearts every day. Because originality is what we’re all looking for, aren’t we?

Turn your house into a place, you love coming home to. And a place people love coming to, to admire authenticity.  Passion and originality are the driving factors of Natuzzi, and passion is powerful. Visit Elevate X to gaze at some contemporary and artistic pieces of furniture. Promise, it will be a treat to your eyes.

Create a Relaxed Look Living Room with the Recliner Sofa Sets

Living room is for all the good news, for all the inner circle celebration and sometimes for absolutely nothing, except relaxing. Living rooms are the essence of the house, don’t you agree? Everyone wants a perfect living room that looks classy, but feels really comfy.  For all the times you’ve entered your house, tired and sleepy, wanted to dip into tranquility, recliner sofa are here for you to dive into them and forget everything and recline in relaxation. Living room furniture is evolving with time. We have furniture made for different purposes and to suit your style. Do you want to sport a lounge like look for your living room? Recliner sofas at Elevate help you get an elegant yet homely look and let you relax in serenity.

Recliner sofa


Here are a few reasons why recliner sofas at Elevate are the best for a cozy and relaxed living room.

Comfortable and calm – Recliner Sofa

Recliner sofas are the millennials of the living room furniture family. They’re stylish yet comfortable and give the most relaxing vibes. Elevate brings your recliner sofas that let you fall into them after a really long day and calm down. Having a rough day? No worries. Come home to your cuddle buddy, recliner sofas.

Movie night ready 

Do you feel the weekend coming yet? Friday nights are for Netflix and chill. Have your friends over, make a list of movies that you want to watch, order a lot of pizza and plunge into your recliner sofa and relax. Isn’t that how weekends are supposed to be?

Warm and cozy

Living rooms are supposed to be cozy and warm at all time, that’s the rule. Give your living room a warm and cozy look with the help of Elevate’s recliner sofas and come home to a vibrant vibe only to jump into it and drop all your worries.

Me-time enthusiast

Everyone needs some me-time, once in a while. Whether you are a book lover, or a keen music listener, recliner sofas at Elevate will always be there to help you enjoy your me-time with all the comfort and peace.

Recline in homeliness  

Home is where the heart is, is what they say. True, isn’t it? Everybody wants to go home, whether it’s after a long day or a chaotic mess of a day. Home is where we look forward to. Bring home recliner sofas that give your house a homely look and come home to a warm feeling every day.

Those were some reasons why recliners are for a relaxing look for your living room. Do you still need time to think? It is time; you change your living room furniture and stock up with Elevate’s comfy yet classy recliner sofas.  Be ready to sink into relaxation and neglect the world.


Modern Wardrobes For Bedroom

Shopping can be fun. It has proven to be a very good stress buster for a lot of people, frequently called as retail therapy. What retail therapy does is, it cheers up people, but what it also does is, it makes us buy a lot of clothes and accessories and gather everything in Wardrobes. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Back in the day, we only had cupboards, popularly known as almirahs. How much can an almirah contain? Definitely, not the clothes that you bought while you were out and about your intense retail therapy.


Wardrobes have their own history. They’ve evolved with time. Back then, there were only wooden cupboards, and then came the iron ones, which were more famous for being a secure place for hiding precious stuff. Today, we have the option of having a variety of wardrobes.

If you are reading this, you certainly like being up to date, and are a fan of modish clothes and fancy rooms. Do you need any other reason for having a modern bedroom wardrobe? You undoubtedly need a walk in wardrobe for your bedroom.

Having second thoughts? These 5 benefits should clear them.

Here are 5 benefits of modern walk in wardrobes for your bedroom

Convenient Wardrobes

Are you tired of seeing clothes scattered everywhere? If you are one of those people, who like to be organized and have assigned places for each and everything, then a walk in wardrobe will win your heart. No more obstacles your way.

Saves space

There are different types of wardrobes and some of them take up a lot of space. They make your room look smaller and clumsy. A walk in wardrobe saves a lot of space and also makes your room look ample.


Often we lose our belongings because of how clumsy our room can get. We put everything in the same cabinet, or mix up various belongings, and a lot of times we forget where we put them in the first place. We all have lost a few things, which we never found again. A walk in wardrobe has a cabinet for everything, from your clothes to your shoes. There is no way; you can misplace your belonging.

Adds value

Do you plan on selling your house? Having a well organized, elegant walk in wardrobe in your bedroom will only add value to your house. Do you know what that means? It means that you could sell your house for a very good price.

Who doesn’t want their bedroom to look classy? A well organized modern walk in wardrobe in your bedroom will have you fall in love every day. Also, you can stun your guests because of how good your bedroom will look.




6 Marvelous tips to remodel your kitchen better

Homeowners spend more money on remodeling their kitchen than any other home improvement project. Make sure remodel kitchen turns out to be as rewarding if not more, than what you expected.

Remodel Kitchen

Plan and then Plan some more

Planning out the remodeling of your kitchen, should actually take up more time than the construction. Be sure of your planned model, so you don’t change your mind once the work commences. Here are some key points to keep in mind when you map out your plan.

  • Study your existing kitchen thoroughly
  • Design with ergonomics in mind
  • Plan for the unexpected
  • Don’t be afraid to seek help

Stay true to the Source – remodel Kitchen

If possible keep water fixtures, walls and electrical outlets in the same place. Nothing will drive up the cost of your modular kitchen faster than changing the location of pipelines and outlets. This is usually where unforeseen problems occur. Not only will you save on demolition and reconstruction costs but also lower the amount of debris and dust collected.

Measure Quality

Your top concerns should always be functionality and durability during remodel kitchen. Maintain the same quality with all the appliances and pieces you select. Solid surface countertops may cost a bit more, but will look great, and look great for a long time. Be sure to use topnotch materials and equipment when remodeling your kitchen, to gain an appeal of finesse and precision.

Appliances that can be applied

Don’t get carried away with expensive and grand appliances. Pick out appliances that fit your cooking needs and lifestyle, you don’t want anything laying in a corner and just collecting dust. Your kitchen remodel shouldn’t be focused on cooking tools and utensils, instead pay attention to long term features that will add in value such as kitchen design aspects and cabinets. Select appliances that matter to you as a cook, think as a home cook not a gourmet chef.

Focus on storage not space

Don’t forget about the storage capacity as you try to maximize on space. The functionality and performance value of a modular kitchen is highly dependent on its storage capacity. Install cabinets that reach the ceiling, they might cost a bit more but will help you gain additional storage space. Also you won’t have to worry about dusting cabinet tops. Add hooks wherever you can, so you can hang oven mitts and aprons. You can also install rolling shelves or a ceiling-mounted rack.

Light up the mood of your Modular Kitchen

Never underestimate the power of lighting; not only can it make your modular kitchen look brighter, but also bigger than it actually is. You should have two different types of lighting in the kitchen, task focused and ambient lighting. Under-cabinet lighting is a must; plan at least two fixtures per task area to eliminate shadows. Pendant lights are great for islands and other counters. Wall sconces and track lights can lift the vibe of your Remodel kitchen. Include dimmer switches to control the intensity and to set the mood.

Better your dining area with the right dining table design

The dining table is central to one’s home. Whether it calls for a joyous gathering or a moment of solitude, it will always be the point of focus in a living space. You can redefine your dining area and add a sense of character to it with the right dining table design set.

dining table design


The classic rectangular look, the perfect square, the curved oval or the round table; whatever shape you select for your dining table will determine the space available and clearance. Round tables are usually a savior; they fit perfectly into tight spaces and can host more people due to the lack of corners. Your dining table design should be able to accommodate a sense of space, with regards to clearance with the walls and other furniture.


Crafting the most attention grabbing dining table set depends on the material used and the lighting. Some might want to add a chic contrast with a rustic wooden table in a modern living space or a minimalistic metal one in a room dominated with wooden tones. This contrast can be made with the right lighting as well. Be sure that your dining table design appeals to the eye under the lighting of the room.

Some other interesting materials that may be used are MDF, glass or even acrylic. Contemporary materials such as a glass table top or even metal can add a dynamic characteristic to the whole set.


Remember that the table is always the star of the show. Go big with a stylistic grand table and you can compromise on the seats. In certain designs benches often go well when compared to seats. Make sure your benches can fit under the table when you aren’t using them, that way you can save up on some more space. A table that speaks grandeur and elegance would be perfect for any décor you have in mind to be placed on the dining table set.


Sometimes what you’re looking for isn’t even out there. Opt for custom dining tables to turn your imagination into a reality. Your dining table should be an extension of your persona and should speak the same style that you do. By opting for a customized dining table set, you can collaborate with designers to mix up your style and refine it further.

This would result in an original piece that would stand out and grab the attention of all your guests. It is ideal that your dining table is not only in sync with the rest of your furniture units, but should add a sense of character to your dining room and lift the vibe of your living space.

Keep these points in mind when you choose to give your dining area the face-lift it deserves, go with your intuition and let your ideas become reality.

Wardrobes Design- Picking out the Right Wardrobes – Sliding or Hinged?

Your personal space should be a reflection of who you are. Designing your room can be difficult at times. Choosing between ultra-modern or traditional wardrobes design takes up a lot of your precious time and confuses you further. Sometimes we tend to compromise regarding plan due to the amount of space available or vice versa. Planning is necessary before finalising the right wardrobe for your room.

wardrobes design


space available or vice versa. Planning is necessary before finalising the right wardrobe for your room.

Wardrobes add to the beauty of your room. They enhance the interiors of your space according to their designs. What catches the eye is the growing trend of Modular Wardrobes design. Not only the utility of these wardrobes are high, but they also add a classy touch to your interiors. Look for closets that are not just a space to store your belongings but also add on to the beauty of your room. The space in your office can be utilised efficiently once you decide the nature of your wardrobes design. An inspiration for hinged or sliding wardrobes design depends on the area available in your room.

If ‘To hinge or not to be’ is the question running through your mind all day, then read more to find out which one is the ideal option for you.

Hinge Wardrobes – Wardrobes Design

Common yet Desirable: Hinge wardrobes are the most basic and the most common type of closet that one can find. Attached to hinges, they come with swing doors and that open outwards. Hang your clothes or organise them, hinge wardrobes can do both. They are considered ideal for large rooms as they take up some space whenever opened. Wardrobes with hinges allow you to add a mirror to the back of the wardrobe door. One can opt for laminated or mirrored designs for such wardrobes. If you want to utilise any space in your room go for hinge wardrobes as they can be formed into any given shape. These wardrobes offer higher visibility as their door open entirely offering more hanging space.

Sliding Wardrobes

Add style to your interior space: If you like your room to be bit classy and stylish, sliding doors are the best-suited option for you. Sliding wardrobes design will make your room go from ordinary to extraordinary. These contemporary wardrobes tend to increase the style quotient of your room. These accommodating wardrobes have plenty of room for your accessories, clothes, bags, cosmetics and much more. The design of these wardrobes can be easily customised. Mirror added to the doors of these wardrobes incorporates a sense of visual flamboyance. They can, however, be difficult to clean as they quickly attract dust and will block the view of one side when in use.

Wardrobes can be hard to finalise, but both kinds can be customised as per the desire of the user. Space availability is a major deciding factor that needs to be kept in mind. The requirement of an individual depends on the design of the wardrobe. Make sure to go for such wardrobes that cater to your needs and compliment to your room as well.

5 Ways in which Luxury Beds can transform your Master Bedroom

We love sleeping, isn’t it? A day well spent is a day spent in your comfy luxury beds. What if that relaxation process can be enhanced? Your entire bedroom will be transformed into a luxurious paradise. The place where you unwind should be the most relaxing and desirable place. Your designer beds need that extra touch of comfort and style.



Master Bedrooms can be changed into a luxury extravaganza with following five basic tips. Get ready to experience sleep that will de-stress you completely that too in style.

Make your bedroom a place that you will never want to leave. Again!

Matter about the Mattress for Luxury Beds

Your ultimate comfort depends on the kind mattress you choose for your Luxury bed. A soft and cozy mattress is desired by everyone. A feather mattress or a foam mattress for your luxury beds can be enhanced by adding a layer below the sheets to make it appear more soft and fluffy.

For a luxurious Pillow fight

For a cloudy sleep, your pillow needs to be perfect. Feather pillows are not only comfortable to sleep on but also enhance and add on to the look factor. Pillows of various shapes and sizes if placed appropriately, automatically make your bed look majestic and inviting. Decorative pillows are the reason that your bed resembles that of a luxury hotel room.

Add a ‘Throw Blanket’

Throw blankets that add the ultra-stylish touch to your beds. Your ultimate saviour when you feel extra cold, these blankets are a blend of style and utility. They impart a contemporary touch to your bedroom. Colour of these blankets should match the colour of the pillow and sheets used on the bed. Decorative pillows and throw blanket harmonize the ambience and the tone. The contemporary feel to your room comes with a throw blanket.

Sheets for a soft touch

Dressing up is important. Even for your mattress. The sheet on the mattress should be aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing. Hotels invest a lot in searching the perfect sheet for their hotel room. The other components placed on the bed depend on the colour of the sheets used on the bed.

Colour your imagination

The colours incorporated in your bedroom, especially for the pillows, sheets and covers should gel with the design of the room. Get creative and infuse great colour patterns in your bedding. Be selective for each layer of your bed. Go for bold colours or follow complete monochromatic colour scheme for your bedding.

Sleep like royalties on your designer Luxury beds in a picture perfect Master Bedroom. Make each day spent in on your modern designer beds a moment to remember. These simple yet effective steps while shopping for your bed accessories will lend you comfort equivalent to a luxury hotel.  Enhance your private space with a magnificent appeal and solace for a royal sleep!